Gaslighting (in Addiction & Relationships)

WOW! When I read this article, I almost fell out of my chair. I know one of my parents is a narcissist, but I’d never considered describing them as a “narcissistic addict” which is fair and a welcomed, not so negative term, I’d like to adopt. You see…I am the child of an addict. Point blank. Period. And the empathetic child in me still wants to provide an excuse; a reason for their poor behavior and piss poor choices.

I’m just realizing I maybe the child of two “narcissistic addicts” – one drugs (the cheap street kind) and the other, the totally legal (21 years and older kind) and readily available, alcohol. So I might know a thing or two, about gaslighting. Oh, did I mention…I think my second husband is a Narc too!


“People experiencing process and substance addictions use gaslighting to confuse their family, partner, or loved one, hide the addiction, and cover up addictive patterns that foster secrecy and isolation. Gaslighting causes family members to doubt their own reality and perception and question their own sanity. People struggling with addictions use gaslighting to distract others from their behaviors and convince family members that the addiction doesn’t really exist. Although the family members see the patterns, the gaslighting confuses them to a point that they blame themselves for the addiction and become convinced that the problem isn’t really a problem. These toxic patterns enable the person experiencing an addiction to continue to use, self-harm, and put themselves in dangerous situations that threaten their safety. “

Take a look at this by therapist Rebecca Ray – #EPICLife #learnteach #addictions

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