Charlie Boi…my boy!

I fell in love with this hairy, little guy when I met him in January of this year.

Two days after I brought him home, I came down with COVID. Charlie Boi – that’s his name, stayed by my side for days. We cuddled and bonded – I didn’t have much energy for much else. At just 5 months old, he wasn’t venturing far from me at all. He needed to get use to every noise and explore every inch, in his own time, in his new world.

We took it slow while he got comfortable in his now spacious home. He woke me up with licks and love bites. I’d oblige with slow rubs and or food, whenever he asked; even at 5 am. It was so therapeutic. He got me up and moving. I quickly realized this fella is MY guy – my emotional support dude ❤️ my buddy ❤️ nemesis ❤️ and now Bestie!

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