Trap Museum Atlanta – More to Come!

Perfect for a rainy afternoon in ATL, except there’s little covering to protect patrons standing in line outdoors. Now for a faster entrance at the rear, you can pay an extra $20, announced a guy yelling outside – “that’s per nigga” he shouted 😄 🤔 hmmm!

Took about 20 mins or so to reach the front door where security does a quick pat & purse check. The room we stepped into looked like a cute bodega store counter. It’s there you pay $20 per person to enter. Then next turn is left and right into an “Auntie” in the front room of da trap, who directs and warned us to not come back towards the entrance. “Exit is at rear of building and anyone that back tracks back to the front will get dealt” with by Auntie.

The museum itself is a wonderful concept and so needed for the culture – trap music. Lots of pictures of artists, unfortunately they’re mostly reps and affordable pieces that you can purchase online. Very little authentic, expensive wears, except for T.I.

T.I. is the only artist with an extensive display of real clothing, shoes, receipts and his guns?!?

Just to highlight, here’s a few other artist considered contributors Jeez & snowman, Gucci, Amigos, Biggie (in skittles), 2 PAC image made of CDs, Lil Wayne’s jail cell, the pink trap display to 2chainz, a few woman towards the end – Cardi, Nikki and the City Girls, which I don’t consider trap. But anyways

Wish there were more artifacts – real memorabilia donated, or on loan for the museum from trap artists. Add real security 24/7.

Collect performance costumes; concert contracts; notes and letters; lyrics; personal photographs of the artists and the artist performing. How about piping-in the different artist music along with their this displays. Too many static display. Make more interactive. Just a thought!

Love ya though ✌🏽❤️✊🏽

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