End Self Judgement!

◦ Realize that your feelings exist for a reason and cut yourself some slack about it.

◦ Working through negative judgment means you can release them.

◦ Be the friend you wish you had… to yourself!

◦ Take inventory of the toxic people in your life. It may be time to take stock of the people around if they are making it easier or more difficult for you to feel good about yourself.

◦ Adding new thoughts to the mix; don’t underestimate the power of distracting yourself from negative emotions or self-talk.

◦ If you find yourself being upset with being human, simply disrupt the thought with a new one.

◦ Don’t let thoughts turn into actions. Negative thoughts take additional effort/power to turn into action. You must CONTROL yourself.

◦ Sit with the anger and then journal or mediate. Let it go!

◦ Drop the word “should” from your vocabulary especially when you’re using it to set expectations about who you and others should be, should be doing.

◦ Figure out how to channel your emotions differently. Stop the self judgment in its tracks to manage your feelings.

◦ Pay attention to the physical sensations that come with your emotions. Your body experiences the same emotions (good and bad).

◦ Get real and get comfortable with your emotions. If you notice and accept your emotions, you can describe them and move forward.

◦ Look at the situation as an outsider. Take a broad view of what you’re feeling. “Ask yourself “Why am I feeling this way?”

◦ Practice mindfulness; it goes beyond mediation. Awareness in the present moment without judgement.

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