Day 22 Black History – Hush Puppies & the Whistle Walk Tales?!

Hush Puppies

The enslaved planning an escape to freedom in the wee hours of the night would mix a concoction of cornmeal and water which was fried in hot lard. These balls were fed to the slavemasters’ and slave trackers’ dogs as a means to quiet them. Hence, the term “hush puppies”was born. Today, corn meal is mixed with milk, eggs, butter and okra, fried until golden brown – they are perfect served along with a fish fry all year round!

The Whistle Walk

The “whistle walk” was the path enslaved domestics took to deliver food from the kitchen of a plantation to the dining room. It was told that slaves were required to whistle as they walked as whistling and chewing are incompatible simultaneous actions. This also ensures slaves did not eat or spit in slave owners’ food on the way to serve.

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