The Power of Your Own Words

I’ll never forget, an E&T colleague, who would be my replacement in Hawaii when I left at end of May 2012 for Texas, met me in my temp office in the tunnel. Reviewing a suggested regionalization strategy that I developed, she casually suggested that my efforts with this new approach to providing training for the region would “help get you promoted from (GG14) to 15.”

My response to her was quick, flippant, and powerful! It was an thoughtless and self-fulfilling prophecy that took life. With all the attention on promotion process and deadlines, how did I miss the deadline?

I believe my exact words to her were, “I doubt it.” Dry and emotionalless as that. She & I continued our review of the strategy slides, without further discussion. Of course I was going to submit a package for consideration. Why not?

I was working at the GG-15 level as a GG-14, and had been successful since arriving in Hawaii almost 4 years earlier. I understood my role and contributions well. My mission element was very pleased with my performance and I believed supported me getting promoted that year.

Needless to say the strategy that I developed, didn’t help me one bit, because a couple of months later, I completely missed the deadline to submit a promotion package for consideration. No packet….no consideration!

The really tough part, I missed it by less than 24 hrs. The revelations and life lessons that ensued the next 4 years, were unforgettable. I think about this lesson often and how hard it was to swallow. It was a heavy cost to pay!

If you’re interested in hearing more details about this lesson or have a question, shoot me a message. I’ll gladly answer your questions with honesty. Vr tena

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