My Authentic, Bajan, Tour of Barbados – Beauty & Poverty Mashup!

I’m so grateful for my vacay/holiday in Barbados for my recent birthday ❤️ I’m grateful to be back home with the amenities, comforts, available services – not to mention our transportation systems and roads. You know, the little things we take for granted.

Not comparing America to Barbados, because that wouldn’t be a fair comparison. I’m always delighted to be back home.

Every time I travel to a foreign country, I’m humbled and grateful to return to the good old USA. Thinking critically, I’m thankful to have been born when I was born, and where I was born. No regrets, complaints, or woes from me.

Riding through the 11 Parishes of Barbados ❤️

The Beauty❤️
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1 thought on “My Authentic, Bajan, Tour of Barbados – Beauty & Poverty Mashup!

  1. Me, too! Spent time in beautiful St. Thomas, visited Haiti, parts of Okinawa, areas in rural Mexico, and other locales and while I always find unique, inspiring people and places there, I am humbled, and ever present knowing how blessed I am to be born when and where I was. In the USA.

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