Glenda Cleveland – She tried to save them!

I tried, but I couldn’t watch Netflix’s new “Monster.” The thoughts of what Jeffrey Dahmer did to his victims was too gruesome to watch.

What most people are reflecting on, including me, is how this kind of thing could go un-investigated? 17 people tortured, murdered and dismembered.

Actress Niece Nash-Betts came through as she always does, as a concerned neighbor, who saw, heard, and smell things, yet was ignored and brushed off by authorities until Dahmer was arrested. Even then, they weren’t very interested; he would go on to murder more men.

Sad side story is, Ms. Cleveland died at the age of 56. She didn’t have a funeral. Her family needed to wait until her family from Mississippi could arrive to have a memorial in Cleveland. Sad.

Was this another case of racism and homophobia, tainting the minds of those charged to protect and serve?

Jeffrey Dahmer was definitely a scary monster….I guess police don’t really track monsters down.

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