12 Tips to LIVE Authentically

1- Accept all of your flaws.

2-Be yourself in all you do.

3-Open you mind to new ideas, possibilities & information. Learn…grow!

4-Open your heart & let down your guard. Open your heart to giving and receiving love.

5-Free yourself/spirit to move, dance, laugh, play and love.

6-Don’t attempt to defend or represent anyone other than you.

7-Stop trying to control – outcomes, others, and your own life.

8-Be realistic. Bad things will happen. They happen to all of us. Push through to the other side.

9-Stop taking yourself so seriously. Laugh at your mistakes.

10-Learn from the past; don’t repeat bad choices or mistakes.

11-Stop making-up stories. It’s called lying. Tell the truth in all matters.

12-Last, but not least, practice gratitude. The more you’re grateful for, the more you will have to be grateful.

Extra – love yourself ❤️

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1 thought on “12 Tips to LIVE Authentically

  1. Number 7 was sent from Heaven directly to me in this season of my life. Accepting that just as God allowed me to experience life and all that it brings, He will do the same for those that I love. Our lessons and our blessings may or may not need to be shared but controlling has to be removed from the plate. Thanks for all of the points.

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