Social Distancing & Self Quarantined Lessons Learned

*Please know, I am not minimizing the loss of lives during the worst pandemic imaginable, but we must find humor to get through theses turmoutlous times.

1- no bra, no panties, no problemo!
2-who needs lipsticks or gloss under a mask
3-spandex wardrobe is your best friend
4-however, spandex still fit when you have gained the COVID 15 (and you
don’t realize it 

5-family game nights are back to stay #familytime
6-food delivery IS THE best thing since sliced bread
7-food delivery does not stop at groceries
8-you realize you have a drinking problem when you run out of wine & you start looking for a delivery service @instacart BAM

9-you realize how much you saved by not being able to travel.

10-you listen to music you haven’t heard in years because of the creation of #verzuz @verzuz

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