My Proverbial “Love List.”

I wrote this in March 2008, based on an encouraging article in the Oprah magazine that suggested women create this list of characteristics, values, and “things” they desire in a partner/mate.

So following the instructions in the magazine, I created my proverbial “love list” and tucked it in my bible. It’s been in my Bible on every dresser I’ve owned since 2008.

Now keep in mind, in 2008 I was ending a very long and connected relationship. I moved to Hawaii for work and a fresh start. I remarried in December 2012 and I divorced the 🐈‍⬛ in October 2019. Through all of this, I kept my list in the Bible.

So what to do with it? Is it still valid? I mean do we really have to send a list of characteristics that we are looking for, all good characteristics by the way, to the universe or God to pray for this person to arrive and be everything on our list?

I mean is that even possible when we’re talking humans and imperfections! How can a person be their authentic selves which is flawed and disgusting sometimes, and the perfect partner? I don’t think its even possible.

But dammit if you checkoff like 12-15 of the 21 characteristics here, I’d be intrigued 😃

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