Warning ⛔️ HOT – Losing All Expectations

I’m slowly, yet surely loosing all faith, trust and expectations of what a man in relationship is suppose to BE and DO.

You see, for so long I have been the strong one, the dad, granddad, hubby, and my own lover, that my views, expectations, and images of real men are fading like the evening fog takes over the San Francisco highrises.

Not sure if this is a good thing or really bad. I just know I’m older now. I can’t see as well as I used to. I’m tired and don’t have the physical strength, nor the patience, I used to either.

For so so long, I have packed, lifted, cried, drug, protected, blew things off, shoved, perspired, planned, moved, prayed, slid, paid for, supported, cursed, fought, earned, cried some more and drove long distances, the way I believed a man is supposed to (in my mind).

Maybe its my “learned expectations” getting the best of me. My mother did the same. Her mother did too. Maybe I expect too much since they did it. Maybe they don’t make men the way they used to.

Maybe they have relegated their maleness, testosterone-filled, protect and provide roles, to women. Hell, I would…its easier. But somebody gotta to do it!

I wrote this about 4 years ago….before CompartMENTALized was a thought. I was losing hope in ever knowing “a real man” – a gentleman, in every way.

Question is, do I still feel this way? No!

Share your thoughts on this piece. Ask me anything 😉

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